Private Cooking Classes

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Private Cooking Classes

The most important step you can take towards eating better is to learn how to cook from scratch. Skip the crackers, chips and boxed foods and prepare real food from scratch.

Classes emphasize fool proof, easy techniques that you can use to prepare a variety of foods. Each session is customized to your tastes and priorities.

Here are a few examples of themes:

Quick easy meals in under 2o minutes
Slow cooking (braising) with or without a crock pot
Gluten-free baked treats
Grain-free dehydrated and baked treats
Sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha,
Techniques for fish or meat preparation
Green smoothies and inspiring salads
Flavorful solutions for dairy-free diets

You can also learn how to make lotion, lip balm and melt and pour soaps

Send me an email to share what you want to learn. We can discuss additional options if the technique you would like to master isn’t listed above.

Classes are offered in your own home, so you can easily replicate the recipes again later. I will provide tools and we will look at your own supplies so we can proceed smoothly, and make note of any tools you may need to purchase. Classes are available to residents of Marin, Contra Costa, Alameda and San Francisco counties.

Want to offer a class as a gift to a friend or loved one? I will email a lovely a gift certificate to the recipient announcing your gift, the amount of class time provided and my contact information so we can plan our class.

An average class is 1.5 hours and covers 1-2 techniques or recipes. A 3 hour class covers 3-4 techniques or recipes and can either done in one afternoon or split into two classes for an additional $20 in travel fees.

Time Options

First Aid Ointment

This has been the hot item at recent holiday fairs. So far I’ve heard great reviews for chapped lips, sore runny noses, burns from hot glue guns, and a healing salve for rough garden hands. Everyone loves the herbal smell of this product.

The healing secret is comfrey, which has been shown in studies to dramatically increase tissue repair, and calendula which has been used for centuries to soothe and heal skin. Both of these herbs are picked fresh from my garden, dehydrated and infused in olive and jojoba oil for two months. I combine the strained oils with beeswax produced locally in Richmond. Last I add a generous amount of oregano, lavender and frankincense essential oils to kill bacteria and boost immune response. No preservatives, no petroleum, nothing synthetic.

Batches are made in limited quantities, so order while available! Comes in portable .5 oz tins or airtight 3 oz glass jars.



Kombucha Making Kits With Instructions

Want to learn how to make your own kombucha? Brewing your own fermented tea is ridiculously easy and inexpensive, but you need to follow some important rules, some pre-fermented tea and a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts) to get the party started. I offer kombucha making starter kits, complete with detailed written instructions, including how to create the fizzy and slightly alcoholic second fermentation stage. Best of all, I offer online support if you need additional help keeping your brew happy. Kits must be picked up in my office in West Berkeley. No shipping available. Contact Ilah at to schedule pick up and location info.

Kits are $20.00 each plus tax. Currently sold out. Available after December 27th

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