Open Studio

Here is some examples of art from my spring 2016 open studio. Please note that some of these pieces are no longer available, but it’s still fun to have them on display. You can check out currently available art on my etsy site under EatBetterFeelBetter.


I painted this ball as a demonstration for a watercolor class I taught at Studio One in the late 90′s.

TrackRockThis was another demonstration painting for the same class. I found this rock next to the train tracks.

PIcklePaintingIt was inevitable that I would paint a picture of pickles sooner or later. You can tell this is fresh jar because the colors are still bright.

WatercolorPoppyI started collecting fake fruit and flowers for my watercolor classes, since they never go bad. This is a silk poppy. landpicThis view can be seen from the steps in front of the painting building of the CCA(C) campus in Oakland.

groundcherryWe once had a big ground cherry vine in the back yard. It was out of control, but it was a cool looking plant. The berries grow in little papery lantern shaped packages.

AddisonTreeThis is a tree outside my bedroom window. I made this painting while I recovered from surgery last November.

2MagnoliaPodsI freaking love magnolia seed pods. They are difficult to draw and paint, but I keep trying anyway.

CrossingFreewayI went through an industrial/freeway landscape obsession period during the early 20oo’s. This is based on a photo my sister took for me while I drove on the freeway.

LoquatBranchThis is a loquat branch from a tree outside a place where I used to work. I sneakily did this drawing on the job.

MedFigBranchI have a special relationship with fig trees. This is a large pastel/charcoal drawing.

MedGreenEggHere’s an early example of from my abstract egg period. This pastel ¬†drawing is 22″ x 30″ on paper.

MedShadowEggI’m getting fast and loose with this abstract egg. This is India ink and pastel.

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