Embroidery Now

Embroidery is a family favorite, particularly of my mother. One of her favorite projects is to embellish pillow cases with beautiful flowers compositions.


Flower pillowcase by Sarah Mandel © Ilah Jarvis 2014

My mother is also an old school hippie. Old school enough that she rejects the hippie title, but beatniks didn’t embroider on their jeans during the 1960′s. In her defense, this dragon is only a few years old, and was requested by my younger sister.


Dragon embroidery by Sarah Mandel © Ilah Jarvis 2014

Soon my younger sister got on the embroidery bandwagon. I sent her a drawing of a scorpion, my birth sign, which she filled with colorful satin stitch.

Scorpion embroidery by Bianca Jarvis

Scorpion embroidery by Bianca Jarvis © Ilah Jarvis 2014


Bullion and French Knot embroidered glove © Ilah Jarvis 2014

I gave it a quilted border, and attached it to a canvas bag. Soon I started embroidering as well. I feel in love with French knots and bullion stitch, which involves wrapping embroidery floss around itself to make dots and thicker lines. I decorated fingerless gloves I made from wool sweaters, as well as a hat that needed some personality.


Freehand embroidered hat © Ilah Jarvis 2014

Soon I was making gifts for others. A friend requested that I give her skull and crossbone bag some personality, so I added some free-hand flowers and insects.


Skull bag with embroidery © Ilah Jarvis 2014

Another friend who is obsessed with cats requested kitties on the back of her jean jacket. My mother embroidered the mother cat on the left. The cats were based on a pattern, but the flowers were freehand.


Kitties on a jean jacket © Ilah Jarvis 2014


Psychedelic Lotus © Ilah Jarvis 2014

Last but not least is this flower which is based on a design by William Morris. I started it as a means to practice satin stitch, but it’s final destination will be a square in a baby quilt.

All content copyright by Ilah Jarvis 2014

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