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The Weekly Soup

  The Weekly Soup This soup consists of whatever needs to be used up in the refrigerator- the nearly forgotten onion half, the leafy center core of celery and those carrots that have become flexible, but haven’t changed color yet.  You can also add leftovers from previous meals such as broiled or roasted meat, vegetables […]

The Mighty Broil

Mighty Broil This is a great recipe for root vegetables. Peel rutabagas, turnips with tough skins before broiling. Yield: Serves 4-5 people Time: 25 minutes Ingredients 1 lb boneless bite sized chicken strips, tilapia fillets or 16 oz 1 large yam or 2 cups of cauliflower, cut into ½-¼” thick slices 2 tablespoons of olive […]

Gluten-free Pancakes

Gluten-free Pancakes Yield: 12 pancakes, 6” in diameter Preparation Time: 1 hour or less if multiple pancakes are cooked at a time I’ve practiced and revised this recipe more times that I care to count, but we love this final version and I make them frequently. This recipe that doesn’t rely on xanthan gum, tapioca […]

Fruit Crisp

Fruit Crisp Yield: This recipe will fill a large 12” wide casserole dish. Taste and examine the fruit before putting it in the crisp. You may want to reduce the amount of sugar if you have very sweet fruit.  I like to combine very ripe and juicy fruit with chopped apples, which are high in […]

Turkey Tips

Turkey Tips I prefer to roast a tiny bird like the corning game hen above than a giant turkey. Anyone who has roasted a turkey before knows what a challenge this process can be without few special tricks. While a traditional, breast up, whole bird makes a beautiful image, the result is inherently dry overcooked […]

Tamale Party

Lacto-fermented salsa contains vitamin C

Tamale Party! I love doing projects with other people. My art and cooking classes are basically an excuse to hang out with people and make stuff. Naturally most of my friends are cooking/art/project junkies as well. One of our favorite yearly projects is making tamales. I’m fortunate to have a Mexican market in my neighborhood […]

Food Preservation 101

Food Preservation 101 Food preservation has become popular again with the urban gardening movement. There are only so many tomatoes and zucchini you can eat or give away. Here is a summary of preservation techniques: freezing, fermenting, canning or jam making and dehydration. Freezing I presume everyone reading this has used a freezer before. While […]

Hearty Herbs

Herbs and spices are an easy way to transform dishes from edible to delicious, but many of us do get stuck in a rut with salt and pepper, or rely on whoever manufactured our frozen dinner. Who doesn’t have a row of dusty containers that only see the light of day for the annual pumpkin […]

Intelligent Cravings

Cravings aren’t always a bad thing. It’s how our bodies try to fix a problem. We can and do crave things that are genuinely good for us. For example, I started teaching how to make probiotic foods like pickled vegetables, kombucha and sauerkraut to help my clients support their digestion.   Soon I discovered that […]

Kombucha Q & A

  What is kombucha? Kombucha is essentially fermented tea. Green or black tea is mixed with sugar or honey and fermented by a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts, commonly known as SCOBY. The SCOBY forms a pale rubbery mat that grows on the surface of the tea. You may also have heard it referred […]