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Frequently Asked Questions

Are nutrient deficiencies really a common problem? In a recent study of 1200 Americans, every single participant received less than the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) in at least one of ten major nutrients. So how does a population that has a reputation for overeating be nutrient deficient? Caffeine, alcohol, sugar, stress, most medications and pollution […]

The Beasty Yeasty

The following article was originally posted in Ms. Behaved June 20th, 2012 Battle of the Beastie Yeasties Part 2: Getting Hardcore about Candida! This article is a response to Sarah’s recent article “The Yeasty Beasty,” in which she requests how others manage vaginal yeast overgrowth. I’m a certified nutrition consultant, and I specialize in yeast and […]

Cravings: Who’s the Boss?

Interesting conversation at a party yesterday- an ex-smoker friend told me about his experience overcoming his addiction. “It’s all about who is in control-you or the drug? I decided I didn’t want to be cigarette’s (female dog) anymore.” Addiction is very much like a bad relationship. We twist elaborate stories to justify our right to […]

Supplement Shopping

We want to believe that we absorb all the nutrients found our food and supplements. Sadly this isn’t always so- challenges include not chewing enough (many of us like to see how fast we can swallow after we take a bite), insufficient stomach acid and enzymes, medications, stress, and digestive problems. The form of the […]

Use Your Smarts

I recently watched a sex education video from the 1950’s for girls. The main character was told by her mother and the school nurse what she could and couldn’t do, with no explanations why.  The message was clear: Don’t be too curious! Be quiet and follow orders. It is important to get help when you […]

The Big Chew

Back in my school days, my professors emphasized the importance of chewing your food. This topic felt inane at the time. I wanted to learn the grand science of nutrition, and instead my teachers repeated the same information my mother gave me when I was six. But what they said made sense, and I listened. […]

Who Can You Trust?

Everyone struggles with choosing who to trust in the world of nutrition. We want to believe everything we read, and yet we read arguments for and against soy, vegetable oil, saturated fats, animal based foods and so on. Every nutrition philosophy group pretends the other groups don’t exist, or they glower at the others for […]

Make Peace With Bateria

Bacteria are the reason we wash our hands, avoid touching anything in public bathrooms, clean our shopping carts with disinfectant wipes  and cover our mouths when we cough. In spite of all the cleaning products and antibiotics we still get sick, another salmonella outbreak hits a food group, and we feel more afraid of bacteria […]

Vitamin C in Action

Here is a story about a long time client, Mario LaMorte. Mario initially wanted help for diverticulitis but found relief from a number of issues. He once suffered a severe bloody nose in the middle of an appointment. Here’s his story:* “I had been to an Ears, Nose and Throat specialist on numerous occasions to […]

Super Acid

  Here is story from my client, Mario LaMorte.   “A tip you gave me helped with acid reflux and indigestion.  I found that a glass of water with the juice of half a squeezed lemon worked wonders at relieving my stomach distress when I would wake up at night feeling significant discomfort from my […]