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Healthy Herbs and Spices

Happy Halloween! While herbs and spices are useful year round for making food tastier, apple cider and pumpkin pie aren’t complete without sweet, warming spices like cinnamon, cloves and ginger, and stuffing needs sage to taste right. It’s no accident that herbs and spices are so prominent in the foods we enjoy during the cold […]

Unraveling Food Reactions

One of the main topics people wish to discuss with me is why certain foods affect us differently. There is a lot of mystery and confusion around what causes these reactions, and how to recognize if a particular food is problematic. I hope I can offer some clarity with this short description of the different […]

The Protein Debate

The Protein Debate One of the most popular props in my office is a white 9″ plate on which I’ve drawn portions for the major food groups in black sharpie marker. On half of the plate I’ve drawn a semi-circle labeled “1 cup or more of non-starchy vegetables.” On one quarter I’ve marked as grain […]

Die with a T

DIE with at T It’s a challenge to work in a field that revolves around diets. Our culture has such a twisted relationship with food. A few of my clients expect a draconian list of restrictions during our first session. It’s a process shifting towards a kinder model. There is no perfect one-size fits all […]

Coming Clean on Cleanses

I’m not a big fan of the whole cleanse fad. I’m all for improving our body’s ability to detoxify, eating more vegetables to correct our body’s pH, and I love a good sauna, but there are aspects that don’t sit well with me. The cleanse mania can feel like a marketing ploy, some cleanse strategies […]

Kick that Cold

Everyone has their favorite trick for stopping a winter cold, be it elderberry syrup, yin chao or massive doses of zinc. While these can make a big difference, a few dietary tweaks and rest can make just as much of an impact. Here are some simple ways to keep bugs from completely taking you down, […]

Eat Smart and Strong

This month I’m sharing highlights from my recent presentation, “Eat Smart and Strong” at the Danville Senior Center. Send us a note if your school, company or community center would benefit from a live presentation about how nutrition affects our health. Today’s focus is how to sharpen our mind and strengthen our body and immune […]

The Gluten-free Craze

Gluten-free hype is all over the news. Olympic athletes are quitting gluten to improve their performance. Every day another celebrity is publishing a new book about how quitting gluten changed their life. It’s like there’s a conspiracy against wheat. A lot of people ask me, “What going on?” Here are the top five questions I […]

What’s In Your Food?

For all our pickiness, many popular American foods contain some truly strange ingredients. Most of us are clueless that our favorite processed foods contain cellulose aka wood pulp, cotton seed oil, a inherently rancid by product of the fabric industry, and synthetic food dyes that are linked to hyperactivity in children. Sometimes we don’t care […]

Five Ways to put Essential Oils to Work Around the House

This article was originally posted in Lavender, Cinnamon Leaf, Tea Tree, Lemon and Eucalyptus Essential Oils Herbal essential oils do more than makes your house smell good. Nearly all have potent antimicrobial properties and have been shown to reduce depression, focus the mind and even stimulate the immune system. Lemon and pine have long […]