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Quilts for Sonoma Fire Survivors

Quilts for Sonoma Fire Survivors Please note that all quilts have already found homes. When the Sonoma fires broke out in October 2017, I had to do something. I’m not built for firefighting, and I wasn’t able to donate money, but I had fabric, a sewing machine and a bunch of crafty friends with more […]

A Side You Have Never Seen Before

I apologize for sending out more than one email this month- I promise not to make it a habit. I have included some really different examples of my work this time around. I hope you enjoy them. For those who didn’t see my last newsletter, I have been recently diagnosed with a cataract in my […]

Open Studio

Here is some examples of art from my spring 2016 open studio. Please note that some of these pieces are no longer available, but it’s still fun to have them on display. You can check out currently available art on my etsy site under EatBetterFeelBetter. I painted this ball as a demonstration for a watercolor […]

Materials Matter

There’s a dilemma that comes up every I teach a class to a group of beginning students. Newbies can be a nervous bunch. They question, sometimes audibly, whether they are capable of learning the subject. Their egos are especially fragile, and every mistake can seem like proof that they aren’t talented. On the same note, […]

Talent vs Skill

Some people possess natural talent. A friend of mine who runs a successful business turned his first profit when he was eight. My musician husband would make sounds with anything he could find when he was a toddler. I was obsessed with drawing as a kid. You could kept me entertained for hours with a […]

Pain-free Crafting

Anyone who is artistic or crafty knows first hand that being creative is beneficial. The challenge of designing and creating the project builds self-esteem. Creative projects increase learning, brain development, and provide safe and healthy stimulation of feel-good dopamine receptors. Studies have shown that creative activity offers similar benefits as meditation. Crafting has benefited prison inmates, […]


I’ve made A LOT of quilts. I had the time to craft when all of my friends got pregnant so I made quilts for everyone’s baby. Quilting was the perfect medium when painting began to feel too serious. I wanted to do something crafty and playful. I also didn’t want to deal with storing or […]

Embroidery Now

Embroidery is a family favorite, particularly of my mother. One of her favorite projects is to embellish pillow cases with beautiful flowers compositions. My mother is also an old school hippie. Old school enough that she rejects the hippie title, but beatniks didn’t embroider on their jeans during the 1960′s. In her defense, this dragon […]

Watercolor Forever

Watercolor Forever Watercolor is one of the first art mediums we let kids play with. It’s ironic that it is also the medium everyone is intimidated by. I recently visited a David Hockney exhibit which featured his recent watercolors, and everywhere I heard voices whispering “Watercolor is difficult. See that? That’s hard to do.” I […]

Crazy for Crochet

Crazy for Crochet I learned how to crochet and knit from my mother when I was a kid. I’m still learning to appreciate knitting- it’s becoming more enjoyable the more I do it, but it feels repetitive and restrictive compared to crochet. Crochet allows you to may any number of stitches in any direction, however […]